business consulting services
e-mail: tel :0578-8067100
responsible for daily operations, reception of your consultation and to process your service request, to listen to customer feedback complaint information, and constantly improve service and product quality.

company office
e-mail: tel:0578-8068799
personnel in charge of the company and receiving tasks, dealing with documents issued by various departments within the company and the co-ordination.

international trade
primarily responsible for foreign trade contacts and follow-up.

product marketing division
in charge of reception and processing of product agents and distributors related businesses.

product planning department
e-mail: tel:0578-8072165
in charge of the company's products for market planning, marketing, public relations activities and media publicity and liaison.

lake technical center
e-mail: tel:0578-8074027
director of product technology innovation and integration, new product design and development, product quality inspection accessories, as well as product-related certification, testing and reporting.

general sales manager, general manager of e-mail
e-mail: president