in order to thank national wide customers support and love to leike company, we take advantage of national day holiday and release our national gift---four modified “wind” series motorcycle models which are enhanced strength and hardness to ensure the drivers safer during driving.

“wind” series i: ultimate edition “fast eagle”, increased the original packing backrest, skid-resistant seat, rear footrest, break-resistant bowl and aluminum alloy motorcycle foot brake cover to enhance hardness an reduce friction losses, moreover there are spider-man dolls, fan cover and reflective stickers to improve motorcycle appearance, more latin style.

wind series ii: ultimate edition , “goats” model has a charismatic and powerful appearance, increased the strobe led lights, so the motorcycle becomes more dazzling and protects the engine, frame and plastic spare parts.

wind series 3: ultimate “sky-wing”, which is independently developed by leike company, the details of the improvement has never stopped, increasing fan cover and break-resistant bowl to make more perfect motorcycle appearance and performance.

wind series 4: ultimate edition “bobcat”, increase fan cover and break-resistant bowl.